Optimise Cambridge English: First Writing

17 Мая 15:30


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People always talk about the pressure put on students while preparing for international exams. Very few, however, mention the pressure and responsibility placed on us, teachers, which is far bigger than that taken on by students. Therefore, teachers, particularly those who are new to training students for exams, tend to fear taking such responsibility because they lack experience, knowledge and practical skills vital for successful training.

In this seminar, we will be attempting to lessen that fear by furnishing teachers with the format, requirements and successful learners’ approach to tackling Cambridge First: Writing Part 1. We have chosen particularly this exam part because writing is a skill practised the least in everyday lives and, therefore, poses most problems.

Тышлангова Евгения.png 

   Евгения Тышлангова,
   преподаватель английского языка, методист, г. Ростов-на-Дону

specialist degree with honours in English philology of Rostov State University (Southern Federal University), Kaplan School of English (London), TKT Theoretical Module 2 (Band 3), TKT Practical (Band 4), CAE (Grade A), CPE (Grade A), ICELT (Merit)

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