Introducing the CEFR Companion Volume: What’s new from a teacher’s point of view?

13 Марта 16:00


Вебинар состоится 13 марта 2018 года.
Начало вебинара в 16:00 по британскому времени.

Для участия в вебинаре необходим компьютер с доступом в Интернет и колонки.

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Hosted by Brian North, this webinar will introduce the recently published CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Companion Volume with New Descriptors (CEFR/CV). Brian will explain the implications for teaching and learning of the shift towards an ‘action-oriented approach’ embodied in the changes, as well as the concepts of interaction and mediation.

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Brian North is a researcher in language education
who has collaborated extensively with international organisations,
particularly the Council of Europe. He co-authored the CEFR itself,
and recently coordinated the 2013–17 project that produced the CEFR
Companion Volume with New Descriptors.

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