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13 Мая 11:00


Уважаемые коллеги,

Language Hub Club состоится 13 мая в 11:00 по московскому времени. Приглашаем всех преподавателей на онлайн-встречу с коллегами и руководителем методического отдела Macmillan Education по Центральной и Восточной Европе Grzegorz Spiewak.​

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Начало сессии в 11:00 по московскому времени 13 мая 2021 года.
Кнопка для подключения появится на этой странице в 10:30 по московскому времени.
Для участия в онлайн-встрече необходим компьютер с доступом в Интернет и колонки.
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Программа заседания

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11:00 – 13:00 

Discussion club

Natalia Galanina
Macmillan Education teacher trainer
Welcome to Language Hub Club
Grzegorz Spiewak
MA in Linguistics, Ph.D in English & Linguistics, the president of IATEFL Poland

Smart assessment on-line and off-line for adult learners
No modern language course – particularly in a public institution - can do without assessment. This said, some well-established forms of assessment have come under a lot of pressure in recent months, owing to the realities of on-line teaching. Is there anything we can do, at individual as well as institutional level, to face these new challenges? Which strategies, forms, and types of assessment should be focus on, in both on-line and off-line contexts?

This is what I intend to address in this session. I’ll argue that traditional, high-stake, closed, paper-based tests are no longer a smart way to go. As an alternative, I’ll offer a range of ideas for how to enrich your repertoire of assessment techniques, task types and tools. Some of these will refer to the solutions offered by Language Hub, a flagship new course for adults, published by Macmillan.

Q and A session