Macmillan Teacher + Задать вопрос
Natalia Borisova, ADoS for Tverskaya school and Cambridge exams preparation in BKC ih-Moscow, MA in Linguistics (Moscow Pedagogical State University), CELTA, CAM, DELTA

A new edition of the Ready for series provides thorough and systematic exam preparation which combines exam-task familiarization with comprehensive language work designed to improve students' overall English level. What singles the series out is its all-round approach when learners are gradually exposed and acquainted with intricacies of test completion through elaborately scaffolded activities. Challenging but engaging slots on language enrichment intertwine with exam tasks, exam information and advice ensuring that students are fully equipped to tackle each part of every paper.

Ready for 4th edition has proved to be particularly helpful for Russian students as it deals with one of the typically problematic language aspects for this group of learners, namely, pronunciation. Besides, the sections are designed in the form of interactive activities and games, which enhances their effectiveness.

The digital learning element makes the exam preparation both immersing and effective. Interactive activities allow students to see straightaway what is learnt well and what needs to be revised. By the same token, automatically awarded practice test scores give a clear understanding of learners’ progress. Needless to mention the motivational aspect of digital resources, which is particularly relevant when it comes to younger students.

As a teacher l especially appreciate the series for its Teacher's Resource Centre which contains a wealth of materials to make enjoyable and effective lessons. Tests, wordlists and communicative activities, included in the Centre, saves on preparation time and provides scope for consolidation and extension. Its speaking exam videos, writing sample answers with examiners comments, and test generator are extremely important for building learners’ autonomy.